An Uncertain Pilgrim
by Dr. J. Patrick Ware

"An Uncertain Pilgrim is an opening to discovering truth, connecting with inner wisdom and awakening transcendent life experiences..."
James REDFIELD, author of The Celestine Prophecy, The Celestine Vision

My Therapist's Bookstore's Number One Best Seller!!


NAPRA Review (Holiday 1997) Books New & Noteworthy:

"Seeker, physician, psychiatrist, and teacher Ware has spent a lifetime working with "pilgrims" on the journey to a fulfilled self-aiding and observing the process of those seeking peace, contentment, and spiritual understanding. His book is intended as a guide, nothing more than a focus and facilitator for the quest that must take place within the individual. His approach involves journaling and specific assignments and exercises prescribed in each of the 13 chapters. Through the process, one becomes conscious of the limitations created by fear, attachment, loss and all the myriad distractions that are placed in our way by the world around us. It's an intense process, though Ware stresses the importance of proceeding at your own soul's pace, taking time to absorb and assimilate each stage before moving on. Accessible and attractively presented, this down-to-earth guide will find its audience." -PM


Small Press Magazine (November-December, 1997)

"What if you had choices you didn't know you had? This guide/workbook is for individuals who need to examine their lives and begin to know, understand and focus on one's self.

Many people believe that true happiness results from having a relationship with another person. Ware claims the book will revolutionize the most significant relationship in your life. To discover yourself is to find the most important element in life. You. Ware succeeds to motivate and teach the reader to be patient, focused, aware, non-judgmental, and perseverant.

At the end of each chapter Ware suggests brief and meaningful exercises. These exercises are included in the last chapter for easy reference. Several times the author switches from speaking to female to male which this reader found distracting. Ware emphasizes journalizing and honesty in the journey to new and exciting experiences with the new You. If an individual is wanting to trade inner turmoil for peace and is willing to commit 10 minutes a day, this is an excellent guide." --Nina Ward


Metaphysical Reviews (August, 1997)

"Dr. Ware has given us a personal guide to facilitate learning, understanding and "...preservation of one of nature's most splendid and endangered species - the human spirit. An Uncertain Pilgrim " offered as a blueprint to the individual. It is intended to stimulate interest, to challenge, and to inspire motivation..." "It surely does! This reviewer found Dr. Ware's book to be leagues ahead of the pack... This is a direct result of the bounty of information and experiences An Uncertain Pilgrim contains. What sets this paradigm apart from the rest is Dr. Ware's obvious caring...his straight-from-the-shoulder approach" and the way An Uncertain Pilgrim is personalized by its assignments and quizzes." "An Uncertain Pilgrim is the neon on the roadsigns to betterment! And J. Patrick Ware is the engineer who designed and placed them to ensure your successful journey! This reviewer strongly suggests this handbook to anyone seeking truth and spiritual identity!"
--Richard Fuller, Senior Editor, Metaphysical Reviews


Reader's Comments

My Therapist's Bookstore

"This book is opening the hearts and changing the lives of those who choose to "do it." An Uncertain Pilgrim gently guides the reader to the journey within. This book continues to be our BEST SELLER...MONTH AFTER MONTH."

"It is a miracle that you (Dr. Ware) exist on planet earth. This is one of the finest books I've ever read. I urge everyone to read An Uncertain Pilgrim as one of the most important books I've ever read."

"This book is a gift...a threshold, an opening to...Him...peace is at last upon us."

"Taken to heart, applied daily with integrity and diligence...this book is the foundation and opening to enlightenment...truly a sacred work."

"This book is a key to the gates of Heaven itself...truly written for all of us."

"After years of travel in the self-help genre...this book has taken me to places within myself that I did not know existed! This is truly a profound experience and work. I now understand what an opening is! Thank you and from all of us who are able to find this resource."

"You have no idea of the power that is quietly resting within you. Doing An Uncertain Pilgrim allows you to reach out and know the Truth."

"I've been a spiritual person all of my life... always telling others that the only solutions to problems come from telling or asking God... Prayer...but DOING this book is completely different...after just 3 is's a worship's going to...being with...God...allowing Him to flow through you not just saying something to Him...I'm not afraid anymore...I don't need to understand it...I just want to enjoy it...I only wish I had known this 10 years's unbelievably simple...I want to teach others what I know!"

"Everytime I buy a copy of An Uncertain Pilgrim, I end up giving it to someone who needs it or wants to read it for themselves...It's just impossible to keep a copy."

"An Uncertain Pilgrim is good really works...we have it at our house...we live by it."

"It's so futuristic...we who learn from this book are like early warriors for the future...there is no doubt in my mind that what this book teaches is the way things will brings answers...people will no longer wonder why they feel the way they this book and you will find your "why" longer ruled by your emotions! It has been there all along...undiscovered!"

"Anyone who knows that truth, time, life, love, awareness, and God are all the same...Dr. Ware has made a profound contribution for us all with this doorway to Heaven...An Uncertain Pilgrim."

"I came from a place near was so cold...but no more pain...I knew I had things to do I had not yet done that were more important than finding out who I am and what I can be...this book came to me...I read voraciously...hundreds of authors...all types of credentials...I'm a critical reader who loves to read...this book conveys the author's feelings and's so profound...this is truly a work of love NOT of ego."

"This is a "how to" book on discovering and living in personal truth. This book is an open door to your spirit which no person can shut. Once the reader opens to the truth of An Uncertain Pilgrim heartfelt personal honesty will impact life choices. As you proceed interacting with self-paced exploration into these topics, answers come from the only source you will learn to trust -- your own experience. "Doing" this book brings you to the root of your being."

"DOING the book is really unbelievable! It takes some time...a matter of days to weeks with diligence, patience, and courage...YOU WON'T BELIEVE the's like a mythical journey...where my fantasy became real...TRULY a "CONTACT" SUSTAINED. Buckle your seat belt, open your heart and soul for the ride of your life...that doesn't end!"

"Dr. Ware does not simply cast out advice, he delicately invites the reader into herself."

"This book came to me in a time of helped me discover receiving this book was divinely inspired..."

"Dr. Ware's writing is quietly strong, challenging, and supportive. The book is wonderful and rich in information...requiring time for times like poetry...definitely a reread!"

"Reading An Uncertain Pilgrim has put me in touch with the truth about myself I can no longer deny. I cannot continue living with self-deception."

"People need to know what's in this book - you have to share it with everyone!"

"This book is a major contribution...I am moved and influenced by An Uncertain Pilgrim."

"This book is a rainbow of emotions...from relief to a brief sense of embarrassed guilt...through to a pervasive sense of gratitude and complete forward adventure without limitations..."

"Doing this book is the most radical choice one can will revolutionize the most important relationship in life."

"This book is not about's about being...all that you are..."

"By doing this book, we become human beings...up from human doers. It's a reconnection to earth...everything there is..."

"In doing this book, you don't have to go to healing deeply opens and personalizes the path...your path."

"This book can reach anyone who has ever even had their eyes just"

"This book offers the slightly motivated an opportunity to is demanding and work...the hardest book I've ever don't just read it and put it on the shelf. It's not simply a "good"'s a way of life that pays off...beyond your imagination."

"This book is not an intellectual challenge or's a challenge about life's on the cutting edge...offering an opportunity to be with your truth...every moment."

"It's nuclear fusion...of the human spirit...power and energy beyond your belief."

"The book requires total focus, effort and involvement...a way of living...of being."

"I now know I will never be depressed again...I know there will be pain...but not the depression...I'm not afraid of my moods...I feel like I could, I am flying...I want this all of the time."

"This book takes obscure concepts and brings them to the layman's level and then with great love, acceptance and joy it steps us through an extremely rewarding program for enlightenment. This is a seminal work."


An Excerpt from An Uncertain Pilgrim


Let me speak to you and your spirit and perhaps even hold your heart ever so gently. Walk with me and those who have gone before you. Life is a journey, and as we travel we pass, in the least, time, step by step and day by day. There is much wisdom available from those who also search for Truth and Meaning. I have been graced by the company and trust of many and have learned much from each and every one. You have many wonderful "secrets" within you and you may uncover them -- if you will.

You may be lonely, struggling with feeling "empty", inadequate, dependent, out of control, vulnerable and/or dissatisfied with the overall success of your personal experience irrespective of tangible achievements. You may indeed be unable to imagine individual personal independence that is natural, spontaneous, and truly creative. What if? that which you have avoided -- yourself and your full ability to know and achieve all of who you are -- is the greatest untapped resource in existence? What if? you can have personal awareness, honesty, motivation and self-respect?

What if? someone told you that contentment and creativity were readily accessible, cheap if not out right free, and much simpler and perhaps, even easier than your present reality? After years of involvement with fellow travelers (only some of whom are "patients") many have suggested the sharing of the information contained herein in a format which will allow other searchers an experience they might otherwise not be able to avail themselves. The challenge: to create a simple learning resource which may facilitate the acquisition of enhanced understanding and preservation of one of nature's most splendid (and endangered) species -- that of the human spirit itself -- YOU!

Please allow me to serve as your guide on a journey of self exploration. I look forward to learning with you, assisting as I may with your own journey and hearing how you "experience" the book.


E-mail contributions of your own tales of the journey and discovery are welcome at I welcome your suggestions on how to improve the offering.

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